Briefly: Joanna Limburg on The Wintering Sessions | My interview for Keris Stainton’s The Ladybird Purse | Join my Patreon Community | Join me and Jen Pastiloff this Saturday For the last few months, I have been undertaking an endless refurbishment of my home office, which mainly…
Hello, Gathering has been on my mind a great deal lately. Since the pandemic began, I’ve noticed how reluctant I am to turn up to events in person. Make…
Hello, I’ve been doing a lot of talking lately, and maybe that’s why so many of this week’s recommendations focus on language. I was fascinated by…
When do we stop working - plus new day retreats for May and June!
Bonus podcast episode and live online event this Friday
Enchantment UK publishes today & is an instant bestseller!!
It's finally here!!!
Briefly: | Listen to How We Live Now | Please support Enchantment by pre-ordering 🖤 UK/US Hello, While I was writing about crinoid fossils for this…
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