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How We Live Now: Erica Berry on the meaning of wolves

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How We Live Now: Erica Berry on the meaning of wolves

Meetings with our wild counterparts


Before I wrote Wintering, I had not paid much attention to wolves. They were, I thought, creatures from another time and place, almost mythological in their reputation. I had not realised that we had intentionally hunted them to extinction in England, nor that they formed exceptionally tender bonds within their packs. I had not expected to fall in love with them. 

But in doing my research, I started to notice that they were everywhere in the literature of winter, in The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, The Box of Delights and A Song of Ice and Fire; they were present in the ‘wolf moon’ of January, and the in metamorphic terrors of Halloween. And, strangely, the more I saw them in the margins, the more familiar they felt to me. The wolves were a perfect mirror on human life at its extremes: hungry, snarling, unpredictable, unmistakably other, irresistibly liminal. 

Whenever the writing ran dry, I would drive over to my local animal conservation centre and spend time watching the wolf pack there - or rather, trying to spot these creatures who could fade so uncannily into the trees. Every now and then, I would make out a canine form, and then meet a pair of wary eyes, so intelligent that the gaze felt like a jolt. The first time I heard them howl, my skin came alive, as though I had been summoned. The sound was so innate, so elemental, a call and response between animal and human. 

That’s why I was thrilled to persuade Erica Berry to talk about her brilliant new book, Wolfish, on the True Stories Book Club last month. Erica has a profound connection to wolves, but also a dazzling understanding of what they mean to us. Knitted throughout our language and folklore, they seem to be a way for us to talk about the experience of being human, standing in for all our darknesses, all our transgressions. For Erica, this is a very personal story, made up of a series of encounters with unknowable men, and a series of encounters with actual wolves, both real and imaginary. 

I think you’re going to love it. Any fellow wolf-lovers, please howl in the comments.

You can watch a clip of our conversation below - click ‘CC’ to watch with subtitles.

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