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A couple of favorite things:

- walking in the cool, early mornings

- reading in the sun on my back deck

- petting a neighbor’s dog

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1- Noticing the cardinal perched on the very edge of a long wispy branch waiting for me so to capture my hearts rhythm . Pausing with the sheer divinity it provides .

2-When the iron clad dense chime hanging from its steady limb deafly echos its fervent and inconspicuous rhythmic nod out of the blue in calm winds . It bellows my senses for deepening my breathe .

3- And in the nor’easter strong headwinds yet, she lies dormant . I pause equally. Beholden to Gods presence ; indomitable omnipresent nature i quiver at the awe of such mystery. I am reminded to let the unfinished conflicts go .

4-The shadows on the leaves at high noon from the direct summer sunlight pouring down a sepia of ombre light provides me eyes with the awe of Grace filling me up to trust All is well .

5- crows overhead shouting their reverent incessant craw ’ reminding me they too have a voice and to drop judgment.

6- timing is divine

7- letting curiosity live even when the deer chomps on your vegetation

8-hearing the wind stir my silence

9-leaning in

10- a freshly made bed from the start of that day ritualized for turning down and being held safely to begin again.

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Watching a bee dive into a California poppy and splash pollen all over its body. Then out and onto the next...

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1.The harmonica opening to Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen.

2. A goldfinch on my doorstep this morning.

3. Our dog trying to creep onto our bed when he thinks we’re asleep.

4. Posies from the garden.

5. Honesty boxes - I buy something even if I don’t need it because I want to support them.

6. Bookshops.

7. The end of Casablanca when Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains walk off into the mist together.

8. My partner talking as our dog.

9. Sunsets and sunrises.

10. Morecambe & Wise singing and dancing to Bring Me Sunshine.

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1. my hands in garden dirt.

2. walking in the forest.

3. watching the orioles at my feeder.

4. peeking at a night heron feeding creekside.

5. losing myself in collage work.

6. my grandsons laugh.

7. early mornings.

8. journaling with no agenda.

9. wind on my face.

10. the scent of a wood burning fireplace.

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Being alone in the house and singing along to any song from my youth that randomly surprises me when it plays on the dining room radio. 🧡

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I love this! Such a nice prompt. I’m running a journaling session for my own membership today but I’m tucking this idea away for myself for tomorrow whilst sat in the garden :) I agree re Monty. Him and Sir David to see us all out in calm and beauty! Such soothing voices and reassuring turns of phrase. I also do EFT voices with an American guy called Brad Yates who I think could join them, he’s got such a safe, warm voice. Have a great day!

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Yes! See also Sue Perkins.

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Oh gosh yes. She would make us smile but she’s also like a security blanket isn’t she! We will all be safe with Sue!

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Love this!

A fresh ball of wool and my knitting needles

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hearing Dance the Night Away by the Mavericks

the cat rolling into a ridiculous position when I'm stroking him

my open fire in winter

my electric blanket

asparagus with lemon butter

buying a good crime novel to get stuck into that very night...

a good view discovered on a longish walk

a cold beer on lovely sunny day at 6 o'clock after a hard day's gardening

midsummer nights

time alone when I've got up early

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May 28, 2023Liked by Katherine May

I love this! It has really made me think and reflect before starting to write. I intend to take my time over my ten things and am loving doing so. Thank you!

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The first moments of submerging myself in the water to swim.

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~ Hiking with my sweet dog Stella and watching her spring through the meadows.

~ Eating a perfectly ripe and juicy peach.

~ The perfect dark quiet of a morning + the smell of freshly brewed coffee as it drips + the anticipation of that first taste.

~ Cooking an elaborate meal and then setting the table for a gathering of friends or family.

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